Project Galleries presentations


  1. Halcyon: Commissioning and the first 100 patients  - Samantha Lloyd

  2. Physics 3rd Check: Automation of Treatment Plan Checking Based on Error Frequency - Annie Hsu

  3. Comprehensive knowledge-based radiation therapy planning for the glioblastoma disease site  - Avishek Chatterjee

  4. On the road to Gamma Knife Icon workflow automation in radiation oncology - Young Lee

  5. A Dosimetric Analysis of the Potential Pitfalls of ROI-Based Online CBCT Autoregistration - Emily Hubley

  6. Combining radiomics, dosimetrics and biological features to accurately model cancer recurrence in NSCLC patients - André Diamant

  7. Possible improvement of registration process - Slav Yartsev

  8. The Radiation Incident Safety Committee (RISC) Learning from the Past to Inform the Future - Brian Liszewski

  9. Huddle Up for Quality and Patient Safety - Brian Liszewski

  10. Automated patient specific collision detection for noncoplanar treatment plan delivery - Kundan Thind

  11. Preparing the Workforce and Operations for The Future of Radiation Medicine: A Strategic Outlook - Julie Renaud

  12. Individual patient QC and follow-up for IMRT cases at Hotel Dieu de Québec - Magali Besnier

  13. Automated Planning- Dosimetry Service of the Future - Emma Johnson and Ravinder Mamon