Speaker Presentations


Introductory Session: Derek Brown, PhD: Making the case of increased use of automation in Radiation Oncology. Does it make us safer? Why and how does automation lead us to improved personalized care?

Session 1: John Kim, MD/Adam Neff: Auto-segmentation, current state, future directions

Session 2: Moderator Melanie Davidson:  Roundtable debate and discussion

Session 3: Kevin Moore, PhD/Colin Carpenter, PhD/Francisco Nunez, PhD: Auto-planning, current state, future directions

Session 4: Siris (Colin Carpenter, PhD)/RapidPlan (Kevin Moore, PhD): Hands-on tests with anonymized cases followed by roundtable debate and discussion.

Session 5: Keynote Speaker - Christian Bagg, Inventor and Adventurer 

Session 6: Team micro-debates, Shannah Murland, RTT, Moderator: 10 teams/5 topics, for/against roles assigned, time to prepare arguments, then 10 minute debates

Session 7: Michael Milosevic, MD: Pan-Canadian initiatives CPQR update and Q&A.

Session 8: Amanda Caissie, MD, PhD: Where does the new CARO Quality Standards Committee fit in?

Session 9: Colin Carpenter, PhD/Jeff Cao, MD: Automation and novel patient centered decision-making tools.

Session 10: John Kildea, PhD/Rob Olson, MD: Linking patient outcomes to Radiation Oncology plan parameters: the importance of standardized language.

Session 11: Chuck Mayo, PhD: The impact of Big Data on personalized patient care: Standards, Databases, Scripts and Machine Learning.

Session 12: Rob Olson, MD/Chuck Mayo, PhD: Patient-reported outcomes: Can we standardize our assessment and response to patient needs?

Session 13: Amanda Caissie, MD, PhD: Standardization and automation of the peer review process to increase quantity and quality. What are the possibilities?

Session 14: Derek Brown, PhD: Wrap-up and discussions