Program and Faculty

Feb 5-8, 2019, Ottawa ON Canada

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Keynote Speaker -
Value-Weighted MR Imaging:
Diagnostically Efficient Imaging



Walter Kucharczyk, MD, FRCPC
Physician Lead for Research, Toronto
General Hospital, and Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON

MRI QC: The role of QC and protocolling for better clinical MRI


Chris Bowen, PhD,
Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS


MRI for Patients with Cardiac Devices: A Team-work for Leading Change



Santanu Chakraborty, MBBS, MRCP, DMRD,
Radiologist, The Ottawa Hospital and
Professor, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON


Paediatric MRI


Stephanie Holowka, M.R.T.(R), M.R.T.(MR), MRSO (MRSC™), Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, ON


Are our data good? Forward
thinking quality assurance for MRI


Katy Keenan, PhD,
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Boulder, Colorado

Clinical Applications of MR Spectroscopy

Kevin King, MD, MSCS
Radiologist and Director of Imaging Research, Huntington Medical Research Institutes
Pasadena, CA

Workshop:  MRI Artifacts


Ives Levesque, PhD, MCCPM
Assistant Professor, McGill University and
MRI Physicist, McGill University Health Centre
Montreal, QC


Workshop:  MRI Artifacts

Fetal MRI

Artefacts Quiz

Charles McKenzie, PhD
Associate Professor, Western University
London, ON


MR in Radiation Therapy

Michael Milosevic, MD, FRCPC
Radiation Oncologist, Princess Margaret Hospital and
Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON


Cardiac Implantable Devices and the MRI environment


Calum Redpath, MD PhD
Cardiologist, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON


MRI Contrast Agents: Safe! Or Safe?


Adam Shuhendler, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON


Health Canada Safety Codes


Richard Smith, BSc
Chief Ionizing Radiation, Physical Sciences Division, Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau, Health Canada
Ottawa, ON


MR in Radiation Therapy

Teo Stanescu, PhD, MCCPM
Medical Physicist, Princess Margaret Hospital
and Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Toronto, ON


MR Safety


Nancy Talbot, MAppSc, MRT(MR)(R)
Joint Department of Medical Imaging,
University Health Network
Toronto, ON


Fundamentals of MRI Systems


Keith Wachowicz, PhD, FCCPM
Medical Physicist, Cross Cancer Institute and
Assistant Professor, University of Alberta,
Edmonton, AB


Safety Code 26


Graeme Wadlaw, PhD
Medical Physicist, Health Canada
Ottawa, ON

Introduction to Magnetic
Resonance Spectroscopy


Atiyah Yahya, PhD, FCCPM
Associate Professor University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB