Project Gallery

* Presenting Author

3 February, 2020 - 4:00pm: Project Gallery / Galerie des projets

  1. Radiotherapy modality patient education: differentiating between photon and proton external beam therapy for prostate cancer
    Allison Toltz* (University of Washington Medicine), Allison Toltz (University of Washington Medicine), Charles Bloch (University of Washington)
  2. Patient Safety and Efficiency WalkRounds
    Cyndy Penner* (CancerCare Manitoba), Cyndy Penner (CancerCare Manitoba), Paul Perreault (CancerCare Manitoba), Andrew Cooke (CancerCare Manitoba), Gina Winski (CancerCare Manitoba), Jeff Bews (CancerCare Manitoba)
  3. A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place - Standardized Treatment Directives to Communicate Radiation Oncologist Intent
    Anita Berndt* (CancerCare Manitoba), Anita Berndt (CancerCare Manitoba), Jennifer Moyer (CancerCare Manitoba), Jeff Bews (CancerCare Manitoba), Jim Butler (CancerCare Manitoba), Rashmi Koul (CancerCare Manitoba)
  4. Case Expert Radiation Therapist Practice Model: Future of Patient- Centred Care
    Elen Moyo* (Princess Margaret at UHN), Elen Moyo (Princess Margaret at UHN), Michael Velec (Princess Margaret)