Speaker Presentations/prÉsentation des confÉrenciers

 Monday February 3rd, 2020

Introduction: Derek Brown: The Evolution of Professional Roles in Radiation Oncology

Session 3: Todd Atwood: The Physics Direct Patient Care Initiative

Session 4: Carolyn Freeman: The Changing Role of the MD in Radiation Oncology

Session 5: Julie Renaud: The History and Evolution of the Role of Radiation Therapy

Session 6: Kevin Moore: Automation in RT Treatment Design: Opportunities for Improved Care

Session 7: Titania Juang: Cultural Sensitivity and Bias in Patient Interactions

Tuesday Februay 4th, 2020

Project Galleries: Allison Toltz, Anita Berndt, Elen Moyo

Session 8: Wayne Beckham, Todd Pawlicki, Jay Burmeister, Julie Renaud, Adnre Diamant: What will it be like to be a Radiation Oncology Professional in 10 years

Session 9: Jay Burmeister: Panel Debates

Wednesday February 5th, 2020

Session 10: Louise Bird, Amanda Caissie: The Patients Perspective - The Importance and Impact of Clinical Communication

Session 13: John Kildea, Amanda Caissie: Patient-Reported Outcomes: Tools that help us better understand what a patient needs, and how this will impact professional roles; PROs from a Physicist for Physicists

Thursday February 6th, 2020

Session 15: Amanda Caissie, Cody Harper, Louise Bird: Workshop to review CPQR's Patient Education Guidance Document

Session 16: Amanda Caissie, Michael Milosevic: CARO Quality Standards Committee and CPQR Updates and Q&A

Session 17: John Kildea: CPQR's Big Data Initiatives