Fellow of COMP

Nominations are being accepted for the Fellow of COMP Award. This honour recognizes an active member who has made a significant contribution to the field of medical physics and to COMP. This contribution is to be in two or more of the following:

  • Service to COMP.
  • A demonstrated body of work showing an outstanding contribution to research and development in the medical physics profession.
  • A demonstrated body of work showing an outstanding contribution to professional practice.
  • Through educational activities or mentorship, particularly regarding the education and training of medical physicists, medical residents, and allied health personnel.

Other Criteria that Must be Met:

  • Nominees must have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field of Medical Physics.
  • Nominees must have a minimum of 5 consecutive years as a member of COMP and be a full member in good standing at the time of the nomination.

Nomination Process:

  • Any member in good standing may nominate an individual for the FCOMP Award.
  • At least two support letters are required in addition to a cover letter from the nominator. If the nominator does not hold an FCOMP, then the nominator is required to solicit two letters of support from members who hold an FCOMP. If the nominator holds an FCOMP, then one additional FCOMP holder must second the nomination and provide a letter of recommendation, and a second letter of support may come from any reference (does not need to be a member of COMP).
  • In addition to the cover letter and the letters of support, the nominator must also complete the FCOMP Nomination form in order to provide a summary of the nominee’s Service to COMP, contributions to research and development, contributions to professional practice and contributions to education and mentorship.
  • If practical, it would be appreciated for the nominator to also provide an informal Curriculum Vitae of the nominee that includes educational history, work experience, key publications & presentations, awards & honours, and patents.
  • If a nominee is slated to receive the FCOMP Award, both the nominator and the nominee will be notified by COMP. The nominee will be asked to confirm his/her willingness to accept the Award and will be asked to provide a short bio and a recent photograph.

Nominations may be submitted at any time and those received by 31 March, 2021 will be considered for presentation at the ASM in Quebec City, QC.

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2020 Fellow of COMP Award Recipients

Join us in congratulating the 2020 Fellow of COMP Award recipients:

Marco Carlone, PhD, P.Eng, MCCPM : BC Cancer Agency - Centre for the Southern Interior!

William Parker, MSc, FCCPM : McGill University Health Centre

Members who hold a Fellow of COMP Award