COMP Reports

COMP is excited to announce a new venue to showcase reports produced by COMP members! COMP Reports and Documents is a new submission category in the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (JACMP) that will be used to promote wide scoping, impactful professional or technical content produced by COMP members, such as the CPQR Technical Quality Control Guidelines. The first of these reports was featured in the November issue of JACMP (see below) and the full library of CPQR TQCs will be published in this category early in the new year.


All manuscripts submitted as COMP reports must be preapproved by COMP. Manuscripts on specific scientific or technical developments are not appropriate for this submission category and will not be considered.  COMP will fund the $500 JACMP publication fee for approved reports. If you have work that you would like to have considered as a COMP Report, please submit your idea to Nancy. Work at all stages of development will be considered (from idea to completed manuscript).