2018 COMP Award Recipients

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on September 25, 2018

2018 COMP Awards

The COMP Gold Medal is the highest award given by the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists, introduced in 2006. It is awarded to a member of COMP (or retired former member) who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of medical physics in Canada.

Congratulations to Dr. Anna Celler, PhD, FCCPM, Vancouver General Hospital and University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, 2018 recipient!


The Fellow of COMP award (FCOMP) is recognizes an active member who has made a significant contribution to the field of medical physics and to COMP. It is awarded for outstanding contributions in research and development in the medical physics and professional practice, education/mentorship of medical physicists & and allied health personnel and service to COMP.

Congratulations to Maryse Mondat, MSc, FCCPM, Hôpital Charles Lemoyne and to Narinder Sidhu, PhD, FCCPM, DABMP, BC Cancer, Centre for the North!


The Sylvia Fedoruk Prize was introduced in 1986 by the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency to honour Dr. Sylvia Fedoruk for her 35 years of dedicated and distinguished service to Saskatchewan's cancer program. It is presented for the best paper within the field of medical physics, relating to work carried out within a Canadian institution and published during the past calendar year. The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize.

Congratulations to Marc-André Renaud, McGill University, Medical Physics Unit for “On mixed electron-photon radiation therapy optimization using the column generation approach” Co-authors: Monica Serban, Jan Seuntjens


The Michael S. Patterson Publication Prize was introduced in 2016. It is awarded for a scientific paper written by a COMP member that has had a tremendous impact on the field of medical physics. It considers peer-reviewed papers published in any scientific journal in the last ten years, with work being performed mainly at a Canadian institution.

Congratulations to David Jaffray, PhD, ABMP, FCOMP and Monique Van Prooijen, PhD, MCCPM, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre for “Gold nanoparticles as radiation sensitizers in cancer therapy” (Radiat Res. 2010 Jun;173(6):719-28. doi:10.1667/RR1984.1.) Co-authors: Devika Chithrani, Salomeh Jelveh, Farid Jalali, Christine Allen, Robert G. Bristow, Richard Peter Hill

The J.R. Cunningham Young Investigators Awards are presented to the top three speakers in the J.R. Cunningham Young Investigators' Symposium held during the annual meeting of the COMP. The presentations are judged for scientific excellence and for clarity of presentation. The Symposium is widely recognised as one of the highlights of the annual meeting, with presentations that are of international calibre

1st place: Lee MacDonald, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS, for Intra-arc binary collimation algorithm for the optimization of stereotactic radiotherapy treatment of multiple metastases with multiple prescriptions (co-authors: Alasdair Syme, Christopher Thomas)

2nd place: Véronique Fortier, McGill University, Montreal, QC, for Synthetic-CT from 3D gradient-echo MRI (co-author: Ives Levesque)

3rd place: Jessica Rodgers, Robarts Research Institute, London, ON, for Intraoperative verification of needle placement using 360-degree 3D transvaginal ultrasound during high-dose-rate interstitial gynecologic brachytherapy (co-authors: Jeffery Bax, Vikram Velker, Kathleen Surry, Eric Leung, David D'Souza, Aaron Fenster)

The Oral Presentation Awards are presented each year at the ASM, given for the best oral presentation. Presentations are judged on both scientific merit and communication.  These competitions are open to all members and student members of COMP.  A four to six member panel, with at least two members from each sub-specialty, judges the presentations.

Congratulations to:

1st place: Yannick Poirier, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, for A review of the current state of physics and dosimetry reporting in radiation biology research (co-authors: Emily Draeger, Amit Sawant, Isabel-Lauren Jackson, Zeljko Vujaskovic)

2nd place (tied):
Matthew Mouawad, University of Western Ontario, London, ON, for Effect of reduced dose of gadolinium contrast in tumour volume delineation aided by DCE-MRI for single fraction radiotherapy in early stage breast cancer patients (co-authors: Stewart Gaede, Neil Gelman, R Terry Thompson, Frank S Prato, George Hajdok, Edward Yu, Tracy Sexton, Brian Yeremko, Michael Lock, Muriel Brackstone, Heather Biernaski
Peter Watson, McGill University, Montreal, QC, for The Intrabeam dosimetric interregnum: Are the breast TARGIT protocol doses delivered by Intrabeam accurate? (co-authors: Hamed Bekerat, Pavlos Papaconstadopoulos, Jan Seuntjens)

The Poster Awards are given each year at the COMP Annual Scientific Meeting. The posters are judged on both scientific merit and communication.  These competitions are open to all members and student members of COMP.  A four to six member panel, with at least two members from each sub-specialty, judges the poster presentations.

Congratulations to:

1st place: Yana Zlateva, McGill University, Montreal, QC, for Laying the groundwork for accurate Cherenkov emission-based electron beam dosimetry (co-authors: Bryan Muir, Issam El Naqa, Jan Seuntjens)

2nd place: Robert Corns, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, for Workload estimates using paired detectors (co-authors: Keith Henderson, Charles Schroeder, Gurpreet Sandhu, Ian McKay)