Call for Nominations for Biomedical and Biological Physics rep on CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee

Published by Gisele Kite

Published on April 29, 2016

The CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee provides a forum for ongoing dialogue between the Canadian Physics research community and NSERC on matters of broad interest to the community. In addition to representation from the CAP and NSERC leadership, the Committee has six representatives for the physics sub-discipline areas that closely relate to the NSERC physics evaluation group structure.  The current Committee members are listed below.  The formalized terms of reference for the Committee can be found at

The CAP is currently seeking nominations from CAP and COMP for a CAP (or joint CAP-COMP) member to represent the biomedical and biological community on this Committee for a three-year term starting June 2016.  While we welcome all nominations, we are particularly interested in receiving nominations that will help to establish a balanced committee representing a broad geographic distribution as well as both genders.

Membership on the Committee requires a commitment to participate in a face-to-face meeting once per year at the CAP Congress, as well as quarterly teleconference calls throughout the year.  Should there be pressing issues to discuss additional teleconference calls may be held. 

Nominees for this position must be a member in good standing of DPMB, DCMMP, DIAP, or DSS and remain a member throughout their term of appointment. Nominees must have agreed to their nomination before their name is submitted and must provide a one-paragraph (3-4 sentence) statement that explains why they feel that they should be selected, e.g., their previous service on behalf of the community.

Nominations and supporting material MUST be received by Wednesday, May 11th for the nominee to be included on the list of candidates.  Please submit nominations to Francine Ford at using the subject line “Nomination for Bio rep on CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee – (name of candidate)”. We plan to open the voting from Monday May 16th until Friday, May 20th so the representative can be identified in time to make plans to attend the Liaison Meeting that will be held on Monday afternoon, June 13th, during the 2016 CAP Congress in Ottawa ON.  

If you are interested in taking on this role but are not yet a joint member of CAP and COMP, you will need to join CAP and the Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology to be nominated (application form) (Eng). If you are already a joint member, but did not receive the call for nominations from the CAP office, that means that you are not a member of the relevant division and should send an e-mail to requesting that you be made a member of the Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology (fee is $10 plus GST/HST).

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at, or the Chair of the CAP-NSERC Liaison Committee, Dr. Bill Whelan, P.Phys. at

Donna Strickland
CAP Director of Academic Affairs



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