Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day!

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on October 02, 2019

The COMP Women’s Committee is seeking mentors and mentees for a special event October 8th!

Do you aspire to:

  • Lead!
  • Inspire!
  • Motivate!
  • Support!
  • Make an impact!

Email kathleen.surry@lhsc.on.ca to sign up as a mentor.

Are you considering a career in medical physics (Academia? Healthcare? Research? Industry?)

  • Meet an expert in your chosen field, make connections!
  • Experience what it is really like!
  • Get first hand exposure through a day in the life of a medical physicist!
  • Get one on one career planning advice!

 Email kathleen.surry@lhsc.on.ca to sign up as a mentee.