Celebrating Medical Physics across the globe, in honour of Marie Curie's 150th!

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on November 07, 2017

Time to celebrate the medical physics community and the important work that you do!

Over the last 10 weeks, COMP profiled 10 Fierce Medical Physicists from across the country. The time has come for the quiz, with $250 in Curie Cash at stake*! Click here to access the 10 question quiz, you have until this Friday, November 10th to test how well you followed the profiles!

A big thank you to our FIERCE participants, who look forward to your participation on November 7!

* Curie Cash can be used towards COMP event registration or membership. While everyone is welcome to answer the quiz, only current COMP members who receive a 10/10 will be entered into the random draw. Good luck to everyone!

International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP) President Address for IDMP 2017

Happy 150th Birthday Marie Curie, Mother of Radiotherapy!