CNSC Innovation Fund Update

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on May 26, 2017

Earlier this year we announced an exciting funding opportunity available to COMP members by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The aim is to support the development of the innovative tools that address radiation safety and security issues.

We received 13 applications from across the country and two common themes emerged in a number of submissions:

  • Measuring workload accurately for annual compliance reporting
  • Consistent machine service data logging and tracking.

Two submissions were awarded funding on these important topics:

  1. Workload Measurement (Robert Corns, Charles Schroeder)
    • Development of a direct measurement technique for clinical, QA and research workload, using readily available technology. Detectors with different energy and detection sensitivity will be combined to discriminate the beams of a multi-energy linac. The detectors utilized in this study include OSL photon and CR-39 neutron, which are widely available in convenient packets.
    • An initial award was issued, with further funding contingent on proof-of-concept and development of a multi-institutional plan for validation.
  2. QATrack+_SL (Crystal Angers and the QATrack+ Development Team)
    • Development of a service log (SL) upgrade for the QATrack+ open source QC data management software. The SL upgrade will allow users to easily review previous service records and generate reports on the complete service history of equipment or measurement devices. Consolidation of service events with machine QC data will allow overlay on common timeline charts (for compliance reporting, or evaluation of sudden changes in performance).
    • QATrack+ is freely available to the Medical Physics community at

One of COMP’s strategic directions is to connect the entire medical physics community to each other and to resources. In conjunction with this, COMP will be hosting a session at the ASM to discuss machine service logging and the QATrack+_SL upgrade. Members that submitted funding applications in this theme have already received special invitation, but the meeting will also be open to all COMP members interested in this topic (more details to follow). It will be great opportunity to help share experiences and guide the development of this upgrade.

We congratulate our members who received funding, and hope that these projects will yield impactful solutions that will be readily available to our members. Thank you to the CNSC for providing this funding!