COMP Statement Regarding Racism, Social Justice and Discrimination

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on June 09, 2020

COMP unequivocally condemns racism and discrimination, both within global society as a whole, but also within our own medical physics community. We are not immune from these issues in Canada and recognize that the lived reality for minority groups can be very different from that of the majority, even within our own sphere of medical physics. In view of recent events in the United States, COMP restates its commitment towards greater equity, diversity, and inclusivity (EDI). Over the past few years, COMP has actively pursued the development of programs which bring awareness on EDI issues and incorporating robust EDI policies. We will increase our focus on eliminating barriers that members of the medical physics community may face due to their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or origin.

As an organization, we must unite and evolve to set clear paths that allow our members to become agents of change in building a culture of inclusion; where diversity is nurtured, and all voices are respected. At this time, we stand with our sister organization in the United States, the AAPM, and echo their statement that we must recognize our common humanity and begin the hard work to end the injustices we see around us.


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