IDMP Fierce MedPhys Profiles Week 10 - Representing BC, meet Alanah Bergman

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on October 30, 2017

Alanah Bergman, Radiation Oncology Physicist, BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC

What is your most gratifying experience as a medical physicist? Knowing that staff like to call you when they have to solve the really weird problems in radiotherapy.  Also, teaching students and seeing their excitement about getting into the field of clinical service.

Who was your role model as an aspiring student and why? Edith Engleberg – senior lab instructor at the McGill University Physics Department for over 45 years – for the majority of those years, she was the only female instructor in McGill Physics. As an undergrad, I had never heard of medical physics until she suggested that it would be a good fit for me. She knew Leonard Cohen in high school which was also cool.

What is your favourite food? Bibimbap and Perogies and Eggs Benedict.

Who is your favourite action hero and why? Ellen Ripley – saves children, cats and shipmates from aliens, can fly a spaceship, drives a fork-lift robot and wears sensible underwear.

What was your second career choice, after Medical Physics? Ethnobotanist – I love figuring out what local plants are edible and how they were used for traditional medical applications. My favorite phrase from my plant book is “edible… but not palatable” = yucky, but won’t kill you.