IDMP Fierce MedPhys Profiles Week 9 - Representing MB, meet Anita Berndt

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on October 23, 2017

Anita Berndt, Radiation Oncology Physicist, CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

What is your most gratifying experience as a medical physicist? Working with patients. It is deeply rewarding to have a chance to say a kind word or reassure a distraught patient and know that in some small way I have made a difficult treatment day just a little bit easier.

Who was your role model as an aspiring student and why? Definitely my dad. He taught me to love learning and never stop growing. He is responsible for my academic aspirations and who I am today.

What is your favourite food? Any dessert with whipping cream :) Chocolate does not hurt either . . .

Who is your favourite action hero and why? He’s not really an action hero, but I have always been impressed by Spock’s (original Star Trek series) unflappable composure regardless of what was happening.

What was your second career choice, after Medical Physics? My reason for going into physics was that I initially wanted to work in a nuclear power plant. I have had this thing about Cherenkov radiation ever since my dad took us to Chalk River during one of our summer vacations. This was in the “good old days” before all of the security changes.  However,  in university I “discovered” medical physics where I could work with radiation and help people at the same time.