#IDMP2019 - Share your connections!

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on September 20, 2019

#IDMP2019 COMP Contest for Curie cash

Happy birthday Marie Curie!

This year COMP is celebrating the interconnected international Medical Physics community! Let us get connected!

Reach out internationally to a medical physicist and send a description (200 words or less) of who you reached out to (and where) and what you learnt from them (about themselves and/or their centre) to sarah@comp-ocpm.ca to enter a random draw for $250 Curie Cash (Curie Cash can be used towards COMP membership or event registration). Don't forget about remote centres! Please ensure the party you connected with consents to the content being submitted for posting on COMP social media. At the end of the event a map will be posted highlighting all of the global connections made! Submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, November 20th 2019.

Check out some of the connections that have been made here!