International Day of Medical Physics (#MedPhysDay)

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on October 03, 2016

#MedPhysDay #IntDayofMedPhys

International Day of Medical Physics is coming up on Monday, November 7, 2016. Share your Team's contribution for a chance to win $250 Curie Credit - to be used towards membership fees or a COMP event registration. Click here for details!

The official 2016 IOMP-IDMP poster can be found here.

Members have shared the way they have celebrated over the years, here is some inspiration:

  • The Stronach Cancer Centre Team play "Name that Nerd" (Thank you, Erin Barnett!)- each staff is given an activity sheet and they have to name all the people in the picture. The "free pass" areas allow you to personalize the game by adding your team's own "physics nerds". Click here to download the powerpoint file that you can personalize for your department!

  • COMP Members Performing "Those Were the Days" (to the "Hallelujah" melody by Leonard Cohen)
    Click here to download the lyrics...department sing along anyone...?

  • Performance of "I'm a Physicist" (to the Monty Python's "Lumberjack Song" melody) by COMP Members (lyrics above, with "Those were the days"):

With special thanks to: John Aldrich, Jerry Battista, Rob Barnett, Stefano Peca, Brandon Koger and Cheryl Duzenli for their musical and media skills!


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