Matt Schmid, CCPM Past-President is Retiring

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on September 28, 2017

Written by Marco Carlone

Matt Schmid, a past-President of the CCPM, is now retiring after a very successful career in Medical Physics. Matt started his professional career at the Department of National Defense, but decided to move into Medical Physics at an early age. He moved to the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, where he was mentored by one of the founders of Canadian Medical Physics, Sylvia Fedoruk. He transitioned to the BC Cancer Agency in 2006 and has been here in Kelowna ever since.

Matt is well known in the Canadian Medical Physics community for his role with the CCPM, and also as an innovator in brachytherapy. Less well known was Matt’s equally significant contributions in many other areas  - see for instance his work on automating linac beam scanning from the 1980’s: Schmid et al, “A water phantom controller for automated acquisition of linac beam parameters,” Med. Phys. 16(1), 1989. Had Leonardo DaVinci been a Medical Physicist, I am guessing he and Matt would have collaborated.

Matt has promised to continue to participate in all “off-site” BCCA Kelowna Medical Physics meetings, but even so, he will be greatly missed by all of us who have worked with him, and the Canadian community in general. Matt had many interests outside of the clinic (photos below), and is well prepared for retirement.

Matt, congratulations on a very successful career; we wish you the best in retirement!!