Pieces of Interest for the week of April 27 – FCOMP Award Nominations/MPWB Webinar/McGill University Health Centre and Treating Patients Safely During COVID-19/Nuclear Science Used to Grow More Rice

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on April 27, 2020

  • LAST WEEK to submit your Fellow of COMP (FCOMP) award nominations!! Check out submission details here. If you’re looking to be inspired, read about the incredible 2019 COMP Award recipients!

  • Medical Physics for World Benefit will be hosting a webinar on April 29 7am EST: “International Medical Physics Guidelines for COVID-19”. With speakers Dr. Xiance Jin (China) and Tomas Kron (Australia).

  • The McGill University Health Centre, along with COMP members Horacio Patrocinio and Tarek Hijal discuss how they have taken measures to treat patients safely during COVID-19. Read about it here!

  • Using nuclear science to grow more rice!