Pieces of Interest from COMP for the Week of June 22 – BlackAFinSTEM/Gender and Work From Home During Covid19 Survey/IUPAP and IDMP Awards/InterACTIONS Survey

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on June 22, 2020

  • Meet 30 new science heroes who are @BlackAFinSTEM on this podcast episode of Ologies.

  • The Women in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering task group of the International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine (IUPESM) invites you to participate in a Gender and Work From Home During COVID19 Survey that aims to collect data about the main issues that biomedical engineers and medical physicists (academics and professionals) and other related STEM professionals are facing when working from home in the current pandemic COVID-19 situation.

  • IUPAP and IDMP Award nominations deadline has been extended to July 6! More information here.

  • How do you read InterACTIONS? Take ten seconds to let us know if you read the online or in printed version here.