Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Feb 3 - WesCan 20/20/Sylvia Fedoruk Award/IC3Dose/Mark Henkelman Officer of the Order of Canada

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on February 03, 2020

  • WesCan 20/20: Maintaining Clarity in a Complex Future is now open for registration! Visit wescan.org for more information.

  • Call for Nominations for the Sylvia Fedoruk Prize! Any COMP member can nominate a single Canadian medical physics paper, including one of their own. Nominations for the SFP of a given year are to be made between the beginning of January and the end of February of the following year. Deadline for submissions: 30 March 2020, read more here.

  • The 11th International Conference on 3D and Advanced Dosimetry (IC3Ddose) will take place in Quebec City, from June 15-18 2020. The meeting focuses on the latest developments and clinical applications of advanced dosimetry techniques associated with 3D dosimetry, including novel detectors and readout approaches either through direct measurements or reconstruction approaches. Abstracts submissions will be accepted until Febrary 28th.

  • In case you missed it: