Pieces of Interest from COMP week of January 13 – Top 10 Reasons to be a COMP Member/Less Than a Second for Radiation/Alpha DaRT Technology/Volunteer Positions

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on January 13, 2020

  • It is renewal time at COMP, a great time to reflect on the value of membership. Check out the top 10 reasons for academics and students to join and maybe share with someone in your network. Thank you to all of our members for your ongoing support!

  • Several weeks if radiation therapy treatment completed in less than a second? According to University of Pennsylvania, this could eventually be possible. Read the article here. 

  • Promising tumor treatment results with Alpha DaRT technology, read more about Alpha DaRT here. 

  • Attention COMP members: we have some volunteer opportunities available!  

April 30, 2020: Openings on the Board of Directors as of the 2019 Annual General Meeting, including Board Vice-President, treasurer, and two Director-at-Large positions.    

More information for volunteer opportunities can be found here.