Pieces of Interest from COMP week of June 19 - COMP AGM Reminder / MPWB Membership Open! / Engaging with COMP on LinkedIn / Discussion of JNM article

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on June 19, 2017

  • July 14, 5:30pm - don't miss the COMP AGM in Ottawa (Westin Ottawa, Confederation I room), an excellent opportunity to find out what's happening at COMP! Members, check your email for the AGM documents, contact Gisele if you have not received them.
  • Medical Physics for World Benefit (MPWB) exists to support medical physics activities, especially in low-to-middle income countries. Please visit www.mpwb.org to learn more and consider becoming a MPWB Member today!
  • There are 2 ways to engage with COMP and CCPM and expand your profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers some excellent networking tools for career advancement and knowledge sharing:
    1. COMP and CCPM Company Pages: Follow the COMP and CCPM company pages for short news updates and most importantly, to show off your membership! COMP is now searchable when adding a company to your profile (don't have one? here is a good resource to find out more), consider adding any volunteer posts (past and present) you have taken on with COMP and CCPM today.   
    2. COMP Group: Connect with your Medical Physics peers through the LinkedIn group, open to anyone with a clear interest in the field, through education or career. Whether it is advice you are seeking or an event you think everyone should now about, share it here!

CCPM Certification Listing on LinkedIn - LinkedIn's policy for adding a school to the standardized dropdown list is based on the critical mass of individuals who add it to their profiles. Show off your CCPM certifications today (no need to use the dropdown, you can type in "The Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine") and we will soon see the company profile appear! 

  • Discussion on an article from the June 2017 JNM: click here to view "Exposure to medical imaging radiation does not increase child’s cancer risk"