Pieces of Interest from COMP week of May 13-ASM abstract submissions due May 31/BC Cancer-Kelowna bringing the patient data/IOMP adds to their official publications list/Cool Science Images: 2019

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on May 13, 2019

  • Have you figured out your ASM abstract approach yet? 2 weeks til the deadline of May 31 for the September 24-27 meeting in Kelowna, BC. 
  • Speaking of Kelowna, BC, BC Cancer-Kelowna patient data is in the news for contributing to life saving findings, click here for more.
  • The EJMP (European Journal of Medical Physics) is now an official publication of IOMP, more here.
  • Cool Science Images 2019: Check out the winners of the University of Wisconsin–Madison's contest here.