Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Nov 5/Happy #IDMP2018 and Curie Cash/October eBroadcast/iPhones and Helium/EANM Conference Footage

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on November 05, 2018


  • #IDMP2018 this week! We always look forward to the creative ways you will celebrate, please share this year using #IDMP2018 and including @medphysca (twitter), @CanadianMedPhys (Facebook) and (NEW) @medphysca (Instagram) to make sure we catch your posts!  All those who share on November 7 will be entered into a draw for $150 Curie Cash.*

  • In case you were too busy trick-or-treating, don't miss COMP's October eBroadcast, available here.
  • Have you heard of iPhones and Helium not getting along? Thank you to the Diagnostic Imaging Physics List for pointing out this strange occurrence, it's happened twice with MRI as the cause!

* Curie Cash can be used towards COMP event registration or membership. Good luck to everyone!


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