Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Nov 6- Winter School Keynote, Inventor Christian Bagg/Fierce MedPhys Contest Details, Happy IDMP!/also…Happy MRT Week!/Radiation Effects on Monkeys

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on November 06, 2017

  • The Canadian Winter School offers high-quality content designed to motivate behavioural and cultural change with respect to how Quality and Safety tools and techniques are implemented in Radiation Oncology clinics across Canada. This year, the focus is Automation and the Evolution of Personalized Patient Care and we are very excited to announce inventor and adventurer Christian Bagg as an invited keynote! In his day job, he supports 12 medical physicists as a mechanical designer in the Medical Physics Design Lab at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre and was recently profiled in the Calgary Herald with an amazing story to tell. Get to know more about Christian here and more about Winter School (Feb 11-15 in Lake Louise, AB) here.
  • IDMP 2017 - The Curie Cash Quiz is ready for you to prove how closely you followed the profiles. You have until Friday to get your answers in…ready…set….good luck and happy International Day of Medical Physics! Oh, and don’t forget to let us know about your social posts capturing your celebrations using #IDMP2017, @MedPhysCA (twitter) and @CanadianMedPhys (facebook)! 
  • Happy #MRT Week! More details on how to celebrate with your colleagues here.


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