Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Nov 7 - IDMP / MPWB / Nov 18 Abstract Deadline / Post-ASM 2017 Activity

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on November 07, 2016

What a great IDMP, we wonder if everyone might be in a sugar coma following all the cake...? Thanks to everyone who made this year's IDMP so much fun! Twitter coverage can be found here (a few different notable hashtags, including #idmp, #idmp2016, #medphysday, #medphys) and facebook here. We will be sharing more over the next few days, but let us know if we missed something!

The Medical Physicists Without Boundaries have released a video for IMDP, click here to see the special message.

Time to send us your abstracts for Imaging Winter School! Deadline is November 18, 2016, details here.

New publication and recorded tools available from the IAEA can be found here.

Looking for something daring to do in the Nations Capital following the 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting? Consider the Sky Lounge, an exclusive culinary flight of fancy that will take you 150 feet in the air to discover Ottawa’s fine dining like never before. Treat yourself to Chef Stephen La Salle and his team’s appetizing creations — while enjoying a spectacular view of the nation’s capital. Check it out here!