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Published by Mara Juneau

Published on October 10, 2016

Registration now open for Winter School and the Mammography Workshop - February 1-5, Montebello, QC!

Michelle Hilts, COMP President, took over the BC Cancer Foundation Blog in June to discuss "what it means to be a medical physicist-the unique value we bring to the health care system, and to show you an example of the type of work we do to improve cancer care." Click here to read Michelle's posts.

Medical Physics around the world: First Australian MRI-linac proves feasible (Medical Physics Web Article)

International Day of Medical Physicists is a month away...we have a new video to help you sing your way to November 7th, click here!

COMP Members in their communities: Peter Raaphorst (2016 Gold Medal Recipient) is part of a group in Renfrew, ON working hard to support the refugee crisis. Click here to listen to the CBC interview.