Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Oct 7-Winter School Feb 2-6/One month away from IDMP/Creativity in Science

Published by Sarah McCabe

Published on October 07, 2019

  • Save the date for WinterSchool, February 2-6 in Mont Tremblant! More details coming.  

  • We are one month away from #IDMP2019:

 Check out the IDMP2019 Contest here

  •  “The best scientists are those who have a good sense of creativity.”-Angela Laird, Medical Physicist ; interviewed for FIU News article 5 ways to be more creative 

  • Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day! The COMP Women’s Committee is seeking mentors and mentees for a special event October 8th!

    If you aspire to lead, inspire, motivate, support and make an impact, email kathleen.surry@lhsc.on.ca by October 8th to be a mentor!

    If you are considering a career in medical physics, looking to meet an expert in your chosen field, make connections and get first hand exposure through a day in the life of a medical physicist, email kathleen.surry@lhsc.on.ca by October 8th to sign up as a mentee!


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