Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Sept 10-#IDMP2018 Short Stories Wanted!/CWC Lunch Thursday Sept 13/Strategic Plan Update 2018/AI's Effect on Radiology

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on September 10, 2018

  • Short stories to celebrate #IDMP2018 and the Medical Physics role with patients are due this Wednesday, September 12. Click here to learn more! Here's one to inspire you:

“A New Voice”
When I was a graduate student, 48 years ago, I had a desk in the Physics lab at the London Regional Cancer Centre. The lab door was usually open to the corridor, where patients and staff would wander by. One patient, who was being treated for cancer of the larynx, was interested in what I was working on and would regularly come by and chat with me. During the course of his radiation treatment, his voice was very raspy, partially because of the disease and partially as a result of the treatment. At the end of his course of treatment, after his last treatment fraction, his voice had nearly disappeared completely, and, in a low whisper, he came by to say farewell. About six months later, I was in the lab working quietly at my desk and was suddenly interrupted by a loud voice singing “O Sole Mio”. This patient had returned for a follow-up visit and, on his way out, he proudly displayed the complete return of his voice, along with the cure of his disease. His visits and the grand display of his cure have remained an inspiration for me, as a Medical Physicist, that our work and our research really have a direct impact on patient care.

  •  Don't miss the COMP Women's Committee lunch at the JSM this Thursday from 12 :45 – 2 :15, Salon4/5, Level 2
  • The 2018 Strategic Plan Update is hot off the press! Check it out before the AGM this Thursday…


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