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Pieces of Interest for the week of May 18 – CAR Report on the Resumption of Radiology Clinical Services in Canada/Global Connections IDMP 2019/Webinar: Radiation Oncology Job Market Concerns/Real time MRI of Fetus
May 18, 2020
The Canadian Association of Radiologists has provided guidance for radiologists, MRTs and sonographers in the resumption of radiology clinical se...

Pieces of Interest from COMP week of Oct 9- Fierce MedPhys Profile #7 for IDMP/Save the Date for Winter School/Tips for CT Protocol implementation/Radiation Effect on Mars Colonists
October 09, 2017
IDMP 2017 - Fierce Medphys Profile #7 is up! Check out the other profiles and contest details here. Save the date for the Canadian Winter Sc...