Update from OAMP

Published by Mara Juneau

Published on August 30, 2016

The Ontario Association of Medical Physicists held their first Annual General Meeting in St. John’s during the COMP meeting. This new organization had its founding meeting in Toronto during the World Congress meeting in 2015, and in the past year, the incorporating Board of Directors were busy preparing for the incorporation of the organization. This included setting out the Objects of the Corporation and the enormous task of developing by-laws. The OAMP was incorporated in June, a few weeks prior to the AGM.

Even though we are a young organization, we have been busy with issues other than our founding. Late last year, the OAMP responded to a request for input to the Expert Panel to enhance the Quality and Safety of Energy-applying Medical Devices in Ontario, which was initiated by Health Quality Ontario. The goal of the panel is to modernize the provincial Healing Arts and Radiation Protection Act. OAMP emphasized the important role of Medical Physicists in assuring quality in the use of physics in medicine, and indicated that OAMP is a new organization which aims to represent medical physicists in Ontario. The final report of the Expert Panel is now available online.

The Board of Directors has kept in touch with the provincial associations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec regarding the status of medical physics as a regulated profession. In Ontario, we have communicated with clinical chemists, geneticists, and microbiologists, who are considering issues related to regulation. These healthcare professionals are similar in number to medical physicists, have similar education, and work closely with specialist physicians in hospitals.

The new board of directors took office in St. John’s. The Board thanks Dr Joe Hayward and Ms Danielle Fraser who were members of the incorporating board for the past year and contributed to the establishment and early success of our organization. The OAMP now has about eighty-five members, and with such a small membership, we will need strong engagement by our members to create an active organization. In the next year, the board will focus on establishing our organization by communicating with our membership, setting fees in consultation with members, and building relationships with other groups. In addition, we will need to address the issues contained the Energy-applying Medical Devices Report. It will be a busy, exciting year ahead for the Board and the OAMP members as we build our organization.

OAMP Directors
Stephen Breen – President
Ivan Yeung – Vice-President
Jeff Richer – Secretary
Monique van Prooijen – Treasurer
Anthony Kim, Jenna King, Jeff Frimeth – Directors-at-Large