What is a Qualified Medical Physicist?

Published by Nancy Barrett

Published on December 07, 2015

What is a Qualified Medical Physicist (QMP)?

We are pleased to inform the membership that COMP has published a statement defining a qualified medical physicist (QMP).  In the past COMP had issued some general statements regarding professional status, emphasizing competence and referring directly and exclusively to the CCPM certification process. CCPM and COMP now operate at arm's length and COMP must generally recognize other certifying bodies and specifically recognize some U.S. bodies with which reciprocal relationships exist.  The identification of a qualified medical physicist by professional bodies such as the AAPM has precedent and it is a term that has been adopted within regulatory and other contexts.   Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Health was looking to COMP for such a definition and this was a factor motivating us to publish such a definition.  It is important to note the scope of the QMP definition is limited to clinical aspects only; there is no intent here to make any statements regarding the qualifications of medical physicists in other areas such as academic or industrial. You will find the COMP QMP definition to be analogous with the AAPM definition. It is our hope, this consistent language will stand in support of the various reciprocal arrangements and will be easily adopted by third parties such as governmental regulatory agencies.  You will find the COMP QMP statement on our website